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We were Approached by the deaf with the question to make them a music video. The first I and many other team members would ever do. Here you find some stills from the video. All was shot with a Canon 7DII and Sony Nex 5N. Post was done in After Effects And Premiere with additional help from the Red Giant Universe and FilmConvert Software. Some Grading was done in DaVinci.
The Deaf wanted to use video material from Brooklyn Artist Larry Carlson and the idea we came up with was to overlay these images over the bandmembers through a projector. In this situation all video would be fixed after shooting and we were not sure of what material would work best. So we opted for green screen and project the material in post. No knowing how we could at this stage but this was for later concern. In the end this was done using basicly replicating a real life situation where you project video on a subject and backdrop. Only now the entire setting was build up in 3D. A virtual 3D stage. With a translucent layer where we shine a light through which is then being received by the layers on the more distant depths. The CPU didn't like it. But I got it to work. Also some additional effects were implemented where i used the highlight gradient from the bandmembers as a depth layer on the "wall" behind them to add some funky effects here and there. Virtual Fans were created to create some spinning atmosphere. And other visual FX were handcrafted. More info and it would be a tutorial. So hope you enjoy it

The Deaf – Talented Music Performance


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